Monday, August 20, 2007

Supporters of the Troops..Get out and Support the Troops

"Fight for Victory Tour" Nationwide Rallies:

(Day 1) Monday Sept 3 2007

9:00 AM - Carson City, NV
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Mills Park - at intersection of East Williams & North Roop St.

1:15 PM - Sacramento, CA
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference at Veterans Memorial
State Capitol Park (near intersection of 14th & N) -

5:15 PM - San Francisco, CA
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Plaza in front of 450 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco

(Day 2) Tuesday Sept 4 2007

7:00 AM - Modesto, CA
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Modesto at Marriot Courtyard - 1720 Sisk Rd

10:00 AM - Fresno, CA
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference in front of Fresno Convention Center
848 M St, Fresno

3:15 PM - Los Angeles, CA
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Dr [Pad D]

(Day 3) Wednesday Sept 5 2007

San Diego, CA Rally Start 9:00 AM

1:00 PM - Yuma, AZ
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Marine Corp Air Station - Yuma, AZ
Ave 3E just West of 32nd

5:00 PM - Phoenix, AZ
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Wesley Bolin Memorial Park - 1700 West Washington St

8:15 PM - Tucson, AZ
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Freedom Park - 5000 E. 29th St

(Day 4) Thursday Sept 6 2007

Tucson, AZ Rally Start 9:00 AM

Las Cruces, NM Rally Start 4:00 PM

6:15 PM - El Paso, TX
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Sue Young Park - 9730 Diana Drive

(Day 5) Friday Sept 7 2007
San Antonio, TX Rally Start 9:00 AM
Waco, TX Rally 2:00 PM
Crawford, TX Rally 3:15 PM
Dallas, TX Rally Start 7:15 PM

(Day 6) Saturday Sept 8 2007

San Antonio, TX Rally Start 9:00 AM

Waco, TX Rally 2:00 PM

Crawford, TX Rally 3:15 PM

Dallas, TX Rally Start 7:15 PM

(Day 7) Sunday Sept 9 2007

Oklahoma City, OK Rally Start 1:15 PM

5:45 PM - Wichita, KS
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
A Price Woodward Jr Park
401 West Douglas Avenue

(Day 8) Monday Sept 10 2007

Kansas City, MO Rally 1:00 PM

6:00 PM Des Moines, IA Note NEW Location!
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Des Moines State Capitol
West Capitol Terrace (brand new area for West Steps)
Parking: Finkbin St. (down the hill/grade)

(Day 9) Tuesday Sept 11 2007

12:00 Noon - Cedar Rapids, IA
Green Square Park

Chicago, IL Rally Start 6:00 PM

(Day 10) Wednesday Sept 12 2007

1:00 PM Indianapolis Pro-Troop Rally & Press Conference
Monument Circle, Indianapolis Indiana

Cincinnati, OH Rally Start 4:30 PM

6:30 PM - Columbus, OH
Pro-Troop Rally & News Conference
Ohio State Capitol Building

(Day 11) Thursday Sept 13 2007

Pittsburgh, PA Rally Start 1:00 PM

(Day 12) Friday Sept 14 2007

Meet with members of Congress – Capitol Hill

Press Conference with D.C./National Press Corps

(Day 13) Saturday Sept 15 2007

“Let Our Troops Win” – GIANT Pro-Troop Rally

Washington, D.C

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Secure the Mexican Border Now! Why do we Americans have to beg for our security?

This article from the Washington Times today could not be any more clear that the southern border is a huge security risk. In fact, the dangers have been known since 2005. Here are some excerpts:

"Hearings I held in Laredo [Texas] last year and this DEA report show that our southern border is a terrorist risk," Mr. Royce said. "Law enforcement has warned that people from Arab countries have crossed the border and adopted Hispanic surnames. The drug cartels have highly sophisticated smuggling and money-laundering networks, which terrorists could access."

"We are the eyes and ears when it comes to gathering intelligence on the cartels and smugglers," said the DEA official. "What we know for sure is that persons associated with terrorist groups have discovered what cartels have known all along — the border is the backdoor into the U.S."

According to a Department of Homeland Security intelligence report obtained by The Times, nearly every part of the Border Patrol's national strategy is failing.

"The ability for people to completely transform their nationalities absent of their own identities is a dangerous step in the evolution of this cross-border operation," he said. "This is a true threat."

President Bush and all members of Congress: Are you going to continue to ignore this report and continue to endanger thousands of American lives?


(Hat tip to Dirk Diggler over at LGF)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Terrorist's Attorney Mahir Sherif...Classic Terrorist Apologist

Terrorist Nuradin Abdi's attorney Mahir Sherif said that we Americans need to read Bin Laden's words to understand why Muslims are angry. Sherif is a classic terrorist apologist. And worse is him giving Bin Laden equal status with human beings. I say it's no wonder Americans are angry. Below is a partial transcript of the outrageous things this attorney believes. Then follow the link to read more of this terrorist apologist's anti-American rhetoric including blaming "Bible Belt" Christians and claiming that America is slaughtering Iraqis. Thanks to Dirk Thompson of 610WTVN, Columbus, Ohio, for posting the transcripts.

REPORTER: Yes, because there are other co-conspirators alleged as I said. So the evidence they would have presented could have been of interest to the American public. What specifically were you looking to see?

SHERIF: It could have. I think the American public, if anything .. (laugh) I keep coming back to this. The American should go read about the war in Afghanistan. Should go read , and really I mean this. I don’t support terrorism, and I don’t support the killing of civilians be it by Bin Ladin or by American bombs. Okay? They both slaughter! Now, with that said: The American public needs to go and say ‘why are they angry’. And really, if you read Bin Ladins words you can see why people are angry. They are angry because America is doing things they should not be doing! That’s why they’re angry! But we are not talking about that. We’re just talking about Islamic radicalism. Why can’t we talk about imperial radicalism that has been subjecting Muslims to hardship for the last 50 years? We need to start talking about that!

And he also said this:

REPORTER: Did he admit that on his trip to Ethiopia he was in search of a training camp?

SHERIF: Yes, yes. That was in search of a training camp. But remember, you guys have to remember this: When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979 it is because we set what is called the ‘Soviet Trap’. You know, the ‘Afghan Trap’ for the Soviets to come in. We, the United States did that. Okay? So the Soviets came in. Then we encouraged the Muslim world to go and fight the Russians. We did this. Are we taking any responsibility for this? So in other words there is nothing wrong about going to training if you’re going to fight for Americans against Russians. But if you are going to go train to help your Muslim brothers, there’s something wrong.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Challenge to Bill O'Reilly

Last night, 7/31/07, on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly gave an example of something that he would call a hate crime: If someone painted a swastika on the house of a Jewish person, insulting a person or group of people, he would call for that person to be charged with a hate crime. Just as he favored Stanislav Shmulevich, a Jew, being charged with a hate crime for putting a Koran in a toilet. I sent this picture taken at an anti-Israel rally in Columbus, Ohio, to Bill O'Reilly of this Muslim man (I know the man is a Muslim because I spoke to him) holding a handmade sign that has a swastika replacing the Star of David on an Israeli flag. So, Bill, are you going to put this man's picture up for the world to see and advocate that this Muslim be charged with a hate crime?

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