Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drill here. Drill now.

All you red blooded Americans who are sick of being told we have to beg Saudi Arabia or any other country to help us with our problems go sign this petition. America is a great country. We became America through ingenuity and determination. We are the most creative people on earth. We can solve our problems. And don't believe Obama's nonsense that we will only save a few pennies so it's not worth it. He's an inexperienced nitwit. Democrats have sold America down the river for the past 30 years with their environmental hoaxes. Democrat Congress: Get out of our way! Drill here! Drill now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Anybody heard from Jeremiah Wright lately?

Of course not. His little psychobabble rant at the Press Club has served its purpose of giving the Obama an out. Obama needed a way to distance himself from that radical racist Trinity church (not a church in my book) and his mentor and spiritual guide was happy to oblige. Pfleger (I refuse to call him Father) was no accident, either. Know this, the American people are not fooled. Obama is an inexperienced empty suit who, I believe, hates America and what we stand for. That's why he wants to change everything, constantly downgrading America. When he trashes America, he's trashes you and me. He has no real policies or any real knowledge about health care, foreign policy, and especially energy. Look at this video. Do you think this guy knows anything about managing health care? Yet he wants the government to take over.

And then there's this. Watch how he blames the audience for his inability to think. Psst, they aren't making any noise. The audience is in disbelief. We all should be.