Saturday, August 19, 2006

No Justice in Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus city prosecutor refuses to press charges against CAIR and Dr. Al-Akhras for assaulting me, twice. I was told that there wasn't enough evidence. What! The entire assault is on video (posted here). I was told since there were no injuries "it didn't rise to the level of an assault;" he didn't "punch you or anything." What about having a camera shoved in my face? What about grabbing and pulling my hand right along with the camera? Then I was told that they felt I was "badgering him with my questions." So perceived badgering is justification to push someone around? Anytime we don't like questions being asked of us, we now have permission from the prosecutor's office to attack someone. It didn't seem to matter that both times I was assaulted, I wasn't even talking directly to Dr. Al-Akhras. In the second assault, especially, I was standing silently while taping his public speech. I checked with two attorneys before I went to the prosecutor and both said it was assault. This is outrageous injustice. I have no protection in the future. Neither does anyone else. CAIR gets a pass. And CAIR called their rally "Stop the terror." I guess that means unless CAIR is doing the terrorizing. I plan to appeal.

Here’s the information if anyone is interested in commenting: Columbus City Attorney, Richard C. Pfeiffer, Jr., 90 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH. E-mail: RE: Complaint #200608-0371

Addendum: I was also told that Al-Akhras was "just trying to get the camera." Then why isn't he being charged with unlawful restraint for trying to stop me from filming public speech? In the second assault, he and his group did stop me from videotaping the speech.