Monday, September 11, 2006

Phelps Phanatics-Up Close & Personal, Freedom Walk 2006, D.C.

Freedom Walk. We Support You. Washington, D.C., September 10, 2006. It was getting close to the start time of the walk and still no show of Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church Phanatics. Then finally they came. Across the polo fields. The kids were running and jumping as if they were headed to the playground. The adults unzipped the black bags and pulled their venomous signs from the cases. They hung flags on the fence along Independence Avenue. Not out of patriotism, but as a mockery. Then they began to sing. Not songs of faith, hope, and love; but of fear, doom and hate. The Freedom Walkers, according to them, are marching straight to hell.

Margie Phelps (lawyer daughter of founder Fred Phelps) and her gang took Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA (sometimes called Proud to be an American) and created their own disgusting version. Have a listen.

Even tho' God showed his wrath to us
His word we won't obey
I'm ashamed to be an American
Where the fags can freely roam
They spread their filth around this land
Every pervert calls it home
So I'll gladly stand up with a picket sign
And proclaim God's word today
Cause there ain't no doubt about this land
God hates the USA

Then they followed with this song based an an old army marching song And the Army goes Marching Along, adding their own perverted lyrics.

First you fight
For the fags
Now they're coming home in bags
And the army goes marching to hell
Proud of all
Of your sins
No more battles you will win
And the army goes marching to hell
And it's IEDs
The army's on its knees
Sound off the body parts all gone, two, three
And where'er they go the dying soldiers show
That the army is marching to hell
Cursing God
Cowards' hearts
Ziploc bags
For body parts
And the army goes marching to hell.

I decided to meet these folks up close and personal and find out what it is exactly that they are trying to accomplish. Margie Phelps gives the three reasons why she believes we should be thankful for 9/11. She states 9/11 is God's "riteous judgment" Here's the clip.

I went on to ask if God is love, why all this hate? I don't get it. I was promptly told that I'm an idiot and going to hell. That's not too disturbing in and of itself except that it was a couple of hate filled kids that let me know. Watch this vicious verbal attack (below) by a couple of eight year olds.

In this next video, the chidren accuse me of worshipping the flag and reinforce the fact that I'll be burning in hell. Notice how the kids look to the adult for prompts.

And in case you didn't know, the group wants to remind you that:

Try as they might, the Phelps Phanatics couldn't shake the spirit of the Freedom Walkers. In this video, the Freedom Walkers in spontaneous unity and solidarity of purpose shout down the Phanatics and their message of hate chanting USA! USA! USA! It was a beautiful thing.

The only good (and I use that term loosely here) I can say about the Phelps Phanatics is that, unlike Islamofanatics who cut off your head for disobedience and disagreement, this group, hoping to shock you into seeing the "truth", sticks to insulting you with signs, songs and verbal condemnation. And I'll take that any day over a beheading. As long as I have my head I can ignore them from now on.

The Phelps group's favorite saying seems to be "Thank God for IEDs". I say, thank God that there are only 20 of you. Tops.