Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CAIR contradicts CAIR

Results of CAIR's own survey contradict their seemingly incessant whining and assertions about Muslim discrimination, disenfranchisement, and economic woes due to islamophobia and 9/11. Instead the survey concluded that "Findings of this survey illustrate that American Muslim voters have done well in America." [ed bold] Who are they going to blame for all this prosperity in America? Not America, I doubt.

Below are some of the stats from this recent survey commissioned by CAIR and executed by Genesis Research Associates. These stats were sent via CAIR's global email, but edited, probably hoping that most Muslims, especially in foreign countries, won't read the entire survey. I have incorporated in bold the additional informaion from the survey.

American Muslim Voter Characteristics:
* Young: About 47 percent are ages 35-54. Another 20 percent are ages 25-34.
* Highly Educated Professionals: Sixty-two percent have obtained a bachelor's degree or higher. About half are professionals. [Edited from the report which also states "American Muslim voters enjoy a substantial educational advantage over other members of the American electorate. Of all American voters, 30% have obtained either a four-year or more advanced degree. Among the sample of Muslim voters used in this study, the percentage (62%) is more than double the national figure. American Muslim female voters also fare very well when compared to all registered voters, with 48% of female Muslim voters holding a bachelor's degree or higher. This represents a 40% advantage over the American electorate.]
* Middle Class: Forty-three percent have a household income of $50,000 or higher. [Edited from the report which also states "Survey respondents enjoy almost the same income level as the general voting public. A little less than 4% of the respondents' households make less than $15,000, compared to 6% for the households of all U.S. registered voters. Also, while 31% of all American voters make more than $75,000, 32% of the Muslim subset has this income level.]
* Family Oriented: Seventy-eight percent are married. Eighty-three percent have one or more children.
* Religiously Diverse: Thirty-one percent attend a mosque on a weekly basis. Sixteen percent attend a mosque once or twice a month. Twenty-seven percent said they seldom or never attend a mosque. Most respondents said they consider themselves "just Muslims," avoiding distinctions between Sunni or Shia. Thirty-six percent said they are Sunni and 12 percent said they are Shia. Less than half of one percent said they are "Salafi," while two percent said they are "Sufi."
* Well Integrated in American Society: Eighty-nine percent said they vote regularly. Eighty-six percent said they celebrate the Fourth of July. Sixty-four percent said they fly the U.S. flag. Forty-two percent said they volunteer for institutions serving the public, compared to 29 percent of all Americans in 2005.
* Democratic or Independent Voters: There is no clear majority in party membership. [Edited from the report which actually states " There is no clear majority in party affiliation among respondents, but a plurality of the sampled voters reported a Democrat leaning:] Forty-two percent said they consider themselves members of the Democratic Party. Seventeen percent said they are Republican and 28 percent said they do not belong to any party.

The report also states "Their young profile, level of education, economic prosperity, and large family size bode well for the future of their political influence." [ed bold]

The full results of CAIR's survey may be viewed at: