Thursday, October 05, 2006

Protesters on Parade

About 40 people showed up at the World Can't Wait Rally in downtown Columbus, Ohio, today, September 5, 2006, to chant their mantra "Bush, step down." I wonder if Bush will give in to their demand? More of the chanting included "One. Two. Three. Four. We don't want your freakin' war." And this cheery chant "A tisket, a tasket, Bush laying in a casket." Nice, huh?

I looked up "skeeza". It's an urban word and its meanings include: "skank-ass ho" and "nasty wheezy ass hoe" and "basic hoe" and "slut, skank, ho, whore, broad, a girl with hella DVDs.

Why draft them when they're volunteering?

Time to give it a rest. Don't ya think?