Thursday, December 07, 2006

To My Dad and His Great Generation

As I remember this Day of Infamy, it is with undying gratitude that I thank my dad and all the men and women of the greatest generation. I'm especially proud of my dad and three uncles, all WWII Vets, because they are Italians and were of the "questionable" group at that time and, nevertheless, set out to prove their great love and loyalty to this country. My uncle, in the United States Army, Armored Division, had to fight in Italy while still having a lot of our family there. He had to do battle against his Italian bretheren. It was never a question for him. America first. America always. My grandfather, uncles, and father felt the same way. They didn't bemoan that Italians were looked upon with suspicion. They didn't whine and cry that some were interned. They set out to prove themselves as patriotic Americans. And they did it with grateful hearts because America had given them so much more than they ever hoped they could have. They did it every day and in every way with pride in their hearts and stedfastness in battle. I'm so proud of them and the love they have for America, a love they have instilled in the hearts of their children. As we say to this day...Italian heritage, American pride. God bless America and God bless the greatest generation. Thanks dad.