Friday, May 11, 2007

CAIR and Time Magazine Celebrate Anti-Free Speech “Moderate”

What do Time Magazine and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) have in common? Amr Khaled. A Time’s article describes Khaled as “a needed voice for moderation in the Muslim World.” CAIR (along with the Islamic Society of North America) is devoting an entire evening to this so called moderate in an “Evening With Amr Khaled” on Saturday May 12th in Virginia. Time, under its Heroes and Pioneers category, named Khaled one of their 100 “Most Influential People in the World.” According to the Time’s article, Khaled "extended an olive branch to the Danes” during the Muhammad cartoon controversy. (
Moderate? Extender of olive branches? Take a look at the fine print. In a speech about the Muhammad cartoons, Khaled lets his true feelings about freedom of speech be known. (

According to Khaled, free speech must be adapted to Muslim values.

…my message to the West is that the value of freedom of speech should be adapted to Muslim values.

... freedom of speech, which we indeed respect, honor, and actually need, should be modified so that it does not clash with the highly revered Muslim value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS).

Ahh, freedom of speech is a good and honorable thing so long as it’s Muslimized. Khaled goes on to say:

We do not want to refuse the concept of freedom of speech, absolutely not. However, the West should alter the freedom of speech so that it does not collide with the very important Islamic value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). Here lies the vagueness and ambiguity. The West understands very well the freedom of speech (which we appreciate) but it does not understand Islamic values, such as dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and other Islamic sanctities.

And what about that pesky catch phrase “other Islamic sanctities?” Code words for Sharia? When do we find out what else we cannot say or do?

Khaled, according to the Time’s article, is equivalent to an “Egyptian rock star” or better yet “Pat Robertson” or even better “Rick Warren” of “Purpose Driven Life” fame. So what does Khaled tell the Muslim Nation and the Muslim youth to do with their lives? Spend it dignifying the prophet, of course.

My message to the Muslim Nation and Muslim youth is, loving Allah’s Messenger, dignifying Allah’s messenger, defending Allah’s messenger and living on the path of Allah’s messenger is a duty and a responsibility that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment.

And on that Day of Judgment, no matter how much Muslims have sinned, Allah just might cut them some slack if they dignified the prophet. Probably giving extra points if they made the whole world dignify the prophet.

We will go to him (SAWS) and tell him we are your ummah[10], we have fulfilled our duty. Perhaps we may have been wrongdoers, perhaps we sinned and perhaps we did not always work perfectly to reform and revive your ummah but we could not but dignify you and make the whole world dignify you. This is a responsibility that we return to you on the Day of Judgment that you may use to intercede for us and allow us to drink from your hawd while patting us happily.

This is a trust. My message to the ummah is that we can never betray that trust whatever happens; it is the trust of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and making the world dignify Allah’s Messenger (SAWS).

I hope you're getting the full message here. It’s not good enough that Muslims dignify their own named prophet; Muslims are to force the world to dignify their prophet. And what happens if Muslims don’t go about the business of making sure the prophet is dignified worldwide? Khaled has the wrath filled answer.

…if your sons are dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your money is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your country is dearer to you then the Messenger of Allah; if your wife is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah, then expect the dreadful anger of Allah (TWT) to be near.

To you I emphasize that dignifying and loving Allah’s Prophet is a divine precept in the same way that loving Allah (TWT) is.

It’s a “divine precept”. Yet Muhammad was just a man. An ordinary man who should not have images made of him. That might be idolatry. Shame on those Danes for making any kind of image. Shame on free speech.

What does Khaled want? He wants an international law to stifle free speech. He makes it quite clear:

People around the world are demanding an international law that protects the dignity of this great Prophet.

I guess he was for free speech before he was against it.

Getting back to Time Magazine’s and CAIR’s celebration of this “voice of moderation”; in effect, CAIR and Time are celebrating the extinguishing of free speech. Read Khaled’s entire rant to get the full impact (link above).

If Khaled is the voice of moderation, I’ll eat my olive branch.

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