Monday, November 19, 2007

Sarkozy Gets It even if the Libs Don't

I never tire of reading this. So much truth in so few words. My only sadness is that American leaders don't have the guts to say it themselves.

SARKOZY(via translator): To the millions of men and women who came from every country of the world and who -- with their own hands, their intelligence, and their >hearts -- built the greatest nation in the world, America did not say, "Come, and everything will be given to you." Rather, she said, "Come, and the only limits to what you will be able to achieve will be those of your own courage, your boldness, and your talent." (applause)

SARKOZY (via translator): The America that we love throughout the world impedes this extraordinary ability to grant each and every person a second chance, another chance, because, in America, failure is never the last word. There is always another chance. Here -- in your country, on this soil -- both the humblest and the most illustrious citizens alike know that nothing is owed to them and that everything has to be earned. That is what constitutes the moral value of America. (applause)

SARKOZY (via translator): America liberated us, and this is an eternal debt we owe America. (applause) Every time, whenever an American soldier falls somewhere in the world, I think of what the American army did for France. I think of them -- (applause) -- and I am sad as one is saddened to lose a member of one's family.

SARKOZY (via translator): We need France to be stronger. I am determined to carry through with the reforms that my country has put off for all too long. I will not turn back. I will implement all of them, because France has turned back for all too long. I have come to present to you today a France that comes out to meet America, to renew the covenant of friendship and alliance that Washington and Lafayette sealed in Yorktown. Together, let us be true to their memories. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I say this to you on behalf of the French people: Long live the United States of America. Long live France. Long live French-American friendship! (applause)

Of course, Daniel Benjamin, former Clinton administration official, provides the looney left summary of Sarkozy's pro America, pro Bush speech: "Yeah, the Europeans are making nice. The animosities of the first Bush term are not ones they want to revisit, and there are issues like Iran and Kosovo that need to be dealt with but they see the Bush administration as out of time, out of gas, obsessed by Iraq, so their focus is on 2009 and after." Yeah, Danny Boy, Europeans are just making nice. Mind reader that you are. Sarkozy couldn't have meant exactly what he said. He must have been actually trying to say what you said. How could I have missed it?