Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fellow Democrats Called Racists at Ohio Obama Rally; McCain Depicted as "Crazy"

Westerville Central High School, Westerville, Ohio, March 2, 2008.

These guys were heckled and called racists for wanting answers from Obama on his policies. And they're all Democrats. I interviewed these guys and will try to get the video up soon (tech problems).

A rendering of McCain atop a missile was on prominent display courtesy of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Patsy Cline's "Crazy" played in the background to these pics, along with the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." I was told that "Crazy" was chosen because of McCain's "crazy" statements about Iran. The guy in charge of this what they referred to as a "float" called me a racist for asking about some of Obama's activities. They claim two websites: and

I wasn't able to hear Obama's speech because I didn't find out until I got there that you needed a ticket. That wasn't mentioned on the local TV station's web site where I get my event information. A couple hundred others didn't know about the tickets and were turned away as well. Supposedly there was a full house which I can only guess was about 2,500 in the gymnasium. Check back as I try to get interviews of several Obama supporters posted.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Ron Paulians showed up today. Never give up, I guess.