Monday, October 20, 2008

Female Dems called "Menopausal" for Speaking Out about Obama/ACORN Connection

October 19, 2008. Westerville, Ohio. Otterbein College. Spokesperson Paulie Abeles of Real Democrats shared with me the intimidation and name calling she and and other female Democrats were and are subjected to for trying to bring to light the Obama/ACORN connection that goes as far back as the Primaries. The women were called, among other things, "bitter" and "menopausal". Paulie Abeles says the group, now 14,000 strong, is under relentless personal attack for trying to do the job the media won't Obama.

Yet despite the ongoing attacks, she and members of her group are traveling the country trying to get the truth out about Obama, one state at a time. These Democrats now support McCain because, as Abeles puts it, "How can you (Obama) be a Chief Executive of a nation when your supporters and the organization you're supporting is breaking the law?" That's a good question, Paulie.