Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama Supporters Suspected of More Voter Fraud in Ohio

C'mon, Ohio. Start making some noise. Call Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office and demand a legal election in Ohio. Call your local Board of Elections and demand to know how they are going to ensure that voters are legal citizens of the United States and legal residents of the great state of Ohio! Whatever way you vote, if two illegal votes are cast opposite of your vote, you have just lost your vote! Demand that voters be verified! Note that the guy in the video is wearing an Obama sticker. And the van has an Obama poster on its side.
Groups of recent college graduates are in Ohio working to get voters to the polls. But are these out-of-state volunteers registering themselves to vote in Ohio legally?

A group called "Vote Ohio Today" is similar to the "Vote From Home" group we told you about last week.

Carol Luper reports both organizations are now under investigation.