Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama Off Prompter Reveals Who he really Is...a Rascist Statist

And a good little Jeremiah Wrightest. What kind of President makes a comment about law enforcement officers without knowing the facts? I thought this guy was lawyer by trade. He should have known better. Obama is a typical statist who doesn't care about the facts if they get in the way of his agenda. From reading the police report and hearing the comments of the woman that called in the report of suspicious activity, it's clear that Henry (YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE MESSIN' WITH) Gates was baiting the police officer. Gates was looking for a fight, can't be a black man without being a victim. Gates must have been thrilled to have been called the Rosa Parks of racial profiling. Gates thought that this was his ticket into the civil rights hall of fame. Ain't gonna happen. Apparently, Gates didn't know who he was messin' with. An upstanding and outstanding police officer. Backed by his colleagues. Backed by the facts. Officer Crowley maintained self control. Gates, however, was out of control and deserved to be arrested. For Obama to place blame equally is a disgrace. Officer Crowley deserves no blame nor should he accept any.

Obama mistakenly thought that Americans hate America as much as he does, and so he thought he would get away with his racist remark. He saw it as a chance to get "the man" on national TV. Obama got a long overdue wake up call. Chicago thug politics ain't gonna fly nationwide.

We're on to you.