Saturday, August 15, 2009

SEIU stacks the house and Locks out Opposing Voices at Howard Dean Town Hall

SEIU Headquarters. Columbus, Ohio. Saturday, August 15, 2009.

From "...Open to the Public" to lockout. Following the Obama Administration playbook, SEIU (Service Employees International Union and huge Obama supporter) stacked the house at the Howard Dean health care town hall at their headquarters on Saturday. About 400 people, mostly union Obama supporters who got a personal invitation from the SEIU, showed up. They had tickets. Or were on "the list." Others didnt' know anything about needing a ticket. They were told an overflow room would be available. At 4:00, ticket holders and people on "the list" were seated. A crowd of about 60 or so people, clearly opposition, stood peacefully waiting to get into the overflow room. What happened next, however, was nothing short of despicable. After waiting patiently for about an hour in 90 degree heat, and after watching ticket holders and listers being repeatedly ushered in, the small anti ObamaCare overflow crowd was told that both rooms were full. Turns out, however, that there were many empty seats. After the event, Catriona Dempster, SEIU member, told me this
I kept waiting on the room to fill up. I was so disappointed when there was only about 50 people in a room that holds about 3 times as many.
So, folks, the room was actually 2/3rds empty, maybe 100 empty seats. They could have easily seated everyone. Watch as this SEIU rep tells the people that both rooms are at capacity. Even apologized that there were no seats. Watch this rep look them in the eye and tell them both rooms are full. Then insult them by locking the doors!

"I can't let anybody else in. Both rooms are full." "I have to tell you that we're at capacity at this point." "We're sorry to turn you away." Have some water.

Her concern and sincerity were all a big lie. Remind you of anyone?

Another insider told me the indoor crowd was 90% in support of ObamaCare. Stacked house. Oh, and I walked around the building. There was indeed another door. The area around it roped off with yellow caution tape. With two "guards" who told me it was the back entrance to the SEIU meeting rooms.

Update: Crowd estimate was more like 300 (probably less) when you consider the place was actually not at capacity.