Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Follows White House Orders. Stacks the House.

Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State campus. Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

Senator Sherrod Brown's plan was well organized. Last minute announcements. Play word games. Stack the house so it looks like more support for you than them. Brown learned well from the Obama Administration.

What Brown held was not, according to his staffers, a town hall meeting, but instead a health care "roundtable." Apparently that makes a difference. Apparently so that his office staff could lie, without really lying, to constituents who called to ask if he would be holding any town hall meetings. No, they said. No town hall meetings. They didn't feel obligated to mention the "roundtable."

Brown cleverly kept the roundtable under wraps until the last minute. At the 11th hour, Brown did an email blast to his supporters. Apparently, Obama email blasted his personal army, Organizing for America.

Stack the house. Make it look as though a majority of Brown's constituents support him and ObamaCare.

Ohioan after Ohioan relayed how they were told by Brown's staffers that there weren't any town halls. Nor was any "roundtable" mentioned.

I tried to find out for Ohioans when Brown's next town hall would be. Here's the response from his aide, Ed Roberts.

The Snitch House, er White House summoned Obama's personal army Organizing for America to the event. They obeyed. Petitions in hand. These young people, bless their souls, sound like they've been indoctrinated with much foolishness. One actually said she'd be willing to pay the Government 50% in taxes. Of course, she's never paid that much, but just knows she'd be happy to do it.

The event room held 190 people according to OSU workers. I, along with over 100 others, were shut out of the live event. Yes, I asked one of Brown's aides why Senator Brown booked such a small room. Refused to answer. We were sent across the street to watch on a big screen. Problem is. There was no video. Just a blue screen. Then when they finally got video, there was no audio. At that point, most of the people left in frustration. They finally did get barely audible audio. That was it for me. I left. Sherrod Brown can't run a roundtable, yet he wants to run our health care. Unbelievable.

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