Saturday, August 08, 2009

Snitches in da Hiz House

It's no longer the White House. It's the Snitch House. Obama has commissioned his minions to snitch on Americans who disagree with his health care plan. I think the word the Obama Administration used is "fishy." Citizens are to report to Obama any "fishy" emails or "fishy" conversations opposing his health care fiasco. Oops. Was that comment fishy? Am I going to be reported to King Barack? It doesn't stop there. Conservatives, senior citizens (our greatest resource), Independents, and many Democrats who are voicing their opposition to Obama's socialist policies and power grab are being scandalized by Obama and the Mainstream Media. Being scandalized for raising their voices. How come it's okay for Obama to mandate his minions "argue" and "get in people's faces" and to send memos from the White House calling up his personal army? Why is it okay for his Administration to put out veiled threats like this one from Messina
“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting.
Listen as Obama goes far beyond "talk" to your neighbors. Do you think he's changed now?

Remember this screaming?

The Democrat mantra seems to be "It's okay for me, but not for thee." Except that it's become more serious. There's a president in the White House who sics Americans on other Americans. Chicago thug politics. Now in the White House. That's the real scandal.