Monday, September 07, 2009

Run, Mary Jo. Run

Labor Day. September 7, 2009. Columbus, Ohio.

A group calling themselves Facts Not Fear held a pro ObamaCare rally at Goodale Park, downtown Columbus. Their flyer didn't list any speakers, just a march from the park to OSU Medical Center. About 30 people showed up (funny how the crowd shrinks when the White House isn't stacking the deck or the Unions aren't involved). The two organizers gave short speeches followed by, to my surprise, Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH). She gave a short speech then worked the tiny crowd. A few attendees asked her questions. I tried to ask a few questions myself since just a few moments before in her speech, Kilroy stated that people should be able to have their questions asked and answered so they can get the truth about the health care bill. Have their questions asked and answered. Here's what she actually meant by that.

Personal characteristics means man or woman? They have to spell that out in a health care bill? Where in the House bill does it say specifically absolutely that illegal aliens will not be covered? And, of course, still no answers about where the increases in revenue will come from. I thought Mary Jo Kilroy wanted to get the truth out. To avoid distortion. Next time, you should stay, Mary Jo. Stay. And answer the questions in detail. Give us this truth you speak of.