Friday, September 04, 2009

Senator Sherrod Brown paints Constituents who oppose ObamaCare as Unpatriotic, Rude, Nasty, and Hints at Immoral

Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio. September 1, 2009

Bottom line for Ohioans. If you don't support ObamaCare, you're unpatriotic, rude, nasty, and perhaps immoral. And Sherrod Brown has no intention of representing you. To a crowd of about 600 screaming supporters, mostly union members (AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA, etc.), Sherrod Brown mocked constituents who oppose ObamaCare and told the ObamaCare supporters "you are the real patriotic American with family values." Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (who hosted the event), Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and AFL-CIO union boss Joe Ricotta echoed many of the same sentiments throughout the evening. ObamaCare supporters were praised. Opposing constituents villified. Teddy tributes ad nauseum. Yet not one speaker addressed how Obamacare would be paid for. Not one speaker declared that they would enroll in the public option. Not one speaker outlined any particulars of the health care proposal. All hype. No substance.

Sherrod Brown was particularly proud that he wrote up the language in the health care bill to establish the public option. Why then won't he let us know what's in it? Throughout his speech, Brown portrayed his constituents who oppose ObamaCare as unpatriotic, nasty and rude. And I think he was channeling Ted Kennedy.

After two hours of listening to all hype and no substance, I tried to get a real answer on how this gigantic health care bill would be funded. Mayor Coleman answered with a flippant gesture and darlin'. Did he really just call me darlin'? Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) stumbled around stating it's a pay as you go bill. That sounds scary. Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher says it's going to be paid for with wellness initiatives. And by putting a fence at the top of the cliff instead of an ambulance below. Whatever that means. In other words, no one has any idea how they are going to pay for this.

This event was well organized. Astroturfed you might say. Each person had to sign in to enter the building. Each person was handed a professionally made sign. Requisite amounts of Obama adoration were on display. Jeremy Bird, Organizing For America spokesperson, claimed that there are 1.5 million Obamabots working on his behalf. Why is the President of the United States running his own personal civilian army out of the White House?

That's a question for another day.