Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bunch of NFL Cowards & Racists

The NFL buys into the racist madness. They deny Rush Limbaugh the opportunity to partner in buying a team. For comments he supposedly made. Comments not even based in fact and others grossly taken out of context. Be honest. Rush was denied because he's white. Conservative white. Even a bigger sin. Where are all the players speaking out against such racism? I can't hear you. Bunch of cowards. Especially Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts and Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner (Yes, I know they're white). We heard them and their racist comments against Rush. We heard a few black players' racist comments against Rush. Repeating unsubstantiated quotes (lies) attributed to Rush. Who cares? Rush is white. That's all that matters. The NFL is 67% black players, outrageously overrepresented using Al Sharpton's shakedown math, and the coaching ranks are also overrepresented by blacks. Problem? No problem. But this atrocious Rush bashing with no principled stand against it from NFL players and owners is a shameful problem. Institutional racism. Against a guy who deserves it least.