Saturday, November 07, 2009

How many more Americans will be sacrificed at the altar of Political Correctness?

Make no mistake. Fort Hood happened because political correctness instead of common sense is controlling America. Nidal Malik Hasan didn't try to hide his abhorence for this country. He was open about his religion and his belief that America is an aggressor. He argued with other troops about the war. And he didn't argue in favor of America. Six months ago his behavior was so troubling that the FBI got involved. Yet nothing was done. No, I take that back. Something was done. Hasan was promoted. To Major. Despite the fact that his extremist behavior had already manifested itself on many occasions.

Hasan then got another promotion. He promoted himself. From Muslim extremist to terrorist. He is steeped in an extreme religious ideology of hate and death. So are many others. When will they, too, start killing innocents as they shout Allahu Akbar? Moderate Muslims could help stop these terrorists by taking to the streets to condemn Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and scum like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Maybe if Hasan had seen more of that instead of the huge Muslim rallies condemning George W. Bush when he was in office, things would be different in Texas today. Maybe in the entire world.

We've bowed long enough at the altar of political correctness. No more.