Wednesday, September 08, 2010

General Patraeus needs to Stand Down

Why is General Petraeus going after a civilian to stand down on his free speech right, even if that free speech right is a Quran burning? Why is he commenting at all? General Petraeus has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. The church pastor who wants to burn Qurans is within his Constitutional right to do so. That should have been Patraeus' only comment if he felt compelled to comment at all. It seems to me that Patraeus is speaking for the coward in chief Obama so that Obama doesn't have to risk political points by speaking about it himself. Muslims already want to kill our Troops. What are they going to do, kill them twice? And what about the U.S. Military under CIC Obama being forced to burn Bibles in Afghanistan in 2009? Not to mention Iran is providing all sorts of material support to kill our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why doesn't Patraeus warn Iran to stand down? Patraeus commenting on this just doesn't pass the smell test. The government is putting pressure on a Christian (pastor's claim) civilian, but no such pressure from the government is being put on the Ground Zero Muslim civilians. And where was all the government outrage when a crucifix was put in a jar of urine and called artistic expression? "Piss Christ" was the name of it. Didn't read or hear of any government pressure to stand down. Instead, the government forced taxpayers to fund it through a grant to the National Endowment for the Arts. Whether we agree or disagree with this pastor, it is unconstitutional, and, therefore, un American for the government through a Military spokesman or anyone else to deny the pastor his Constitutional right to free speech. One could argue that denying him a fire permit is the government's end around to denying free speech rights. If this pastor burns Qurans, some Muslims will claim it gives them the right to kill; if he doesn't burn Qurans, some Muslims will claim victory over our Constitution and it will embolden them to kill. Either way, the Troops and all of us in the West are still in harm's way. If the Qurans get burned and deaths result, we need to put the blame for those deaths squarely where it belongs...on the insane murderers who commit the violence. No excuses. Especially, a book burning made me do it.

Update: Coward in Chief Obama "implores" minister to call off Quran burning. Obama said, "...I hope he understands that what he's proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as Americans,". No, what Obama is doing is completely against American values. We have free speech, and that includes speech we don't like, in this country. That's an American value. He goes on to say, "Look, this is a recruitment bonanza for Al Qaida." What Obama doesn't want to acknowledge is that our very existence is a recruitment tool for Al Qaida. Liberty is counter to Al Qaida and they will stop at nothing to take it away from those who have it. There weren't any Quran burnings before 9/11. There weren't any Quran burnings before the fatal attack on the USS Cole. There weren't any Quran burnings before the Christmas Day bombing attempt. There weren't any Quran burnings before Nidal Hasan brutally murdered 14 at Fort Hood. Nothing we do to appease these barbarians will make one bit of difference. Obama shouldn't be using out Troops as his excuse to appease them. Obama should be warning Al Qaida to stand down. Obama should be defending the Constitution. What a coward.