Thursday, November 11, 2010

We love our Vets

Today we thank our Veterans for every breath of freedom that we take. They've done for us what many of us could not do for ourselves. America's eternal gratitude is theirs. Many of us have said that we wish we could do more than just say thanks. Well, there is something you can do. Read this attempt at revisionist history at a recent workshop for college professors sponsored by the taxpayer funded National Endowment for the Humanities, NEH. Workshop attendee Penelope Blake, PhD and historian, was so disgusted with the blatant anti-America agenda that she wrote a letter to her congressman documenting what took place. Here's just one excerpt from her letter:
10. Veterans' memories of their own experiences in the war are suspect and influenced by media and their own self-delusion (Rosenberg, 18, 24). Therefore, it is the role of academics to "correct" their history. As one organizer commented, this will be more easily accomplished once the WWII generation has passed away. Another wrote, "America's nostalgic war memories are beginning to fray around the edges" (White, 267).
Read the entire piece at Powerline. It will turn your stomach and enrage your soul. Honor our Vets by writing to your congresspeople and demanding that they defund the deplorable deceit driven NEH. The NEH is requesting 161 million dollars for 2011. Don't allow these self possessed elitist academic smear merchants to use your money to attack our Military. Our young nation of just 234 years and it's brave Military have protected and freed more people than all other nations combined. Our Vets, American heroes. I, like Professor Blake, will not let them be smeared.