Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ohio Teachers Union. For the Children or Exploiting the Children?

Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio. March 2, 2011.

Shortly after Senate Bill 5 that puts limits on collective bargaining for public employees passed, the various unions held a rally inside the Statehouse shouting in Wisconsinesque fashion "Shame on you" among other chants. But the question is: Why in the world are union teachers dragging kids into the collective bargaining debate? Can't the adults fend for themselves? The sometimes frenzied high school student in this video claims to "understand how serious this situation is." Really. Would that "understanding" include a working knowledge of fiscal sustainability, billion dollar budgets, and political payback? Has she ever met a payroll or had the responsibility of a mortgage and the accompanying outrageous property taxes? Children have neither the life experience nor the requisite knowledge to understand the totality of this issue. They should not be used as tools in this debate. The last thing this enlightened youth says is, "...we will not submit to this bullying. We will ensure democracy will be upheld." Then she runs off the stage, sobbing. After she had a good cry, I hope someone explained to her that democracy had just been upheld. is 17-16...bill passes. Understand?