Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shameless Mayor Bloomberg uses 9-11 to promote Mosque

Bloomberg says one of the most important lessons of 9-11 is "fighting against intolerance." And all this time I thought one of the most important lessons of 9-11 is that there are radical Muslims who want to kill us. This shameless progressive ideologue is a disgrace with his mosque "tolerance" politicizing of 9-11. He shouldn't be allowed to be anywhere near the 9-11 ceremony. Tolerance is always one way with guys like Bloomberg, from Americans to anyone who wants to kill Americans. How about keeping the 9-11 memorial about the real victims, 2,998 dead plus all those still suffering from wounds.

One of the most important lessons gleaned from 9/11 is that "our freedoms are fragile ... and we're constantly going to have to fight for them," the mayor says. "Fighting doesn't just mean fighting overseas and fighting terrorists, but fighting against intolerance as well."

This struggle against intolerance was challenged in the past year when a group submitted a proposal to build an Islamic cultural center near the WTC site, sparking outrage from some government leaders and many Americans. Bloomberg, a defender of religious rights and freedoms, advocated tolerance of the group's efforts. He said the privileges we fight for every day must be upheld, regardless of the circumstances or individuals involved. Bloomberg relays the story of an American soldier who approached him in a restaurant more than a year ago. The soldier told him, "I just want to let you know that I had a lot of friends who I fought with, and some of them did not come back. The reason they went over there to fight is so those people could build their mosque. Keep up the good work." [my bold]
I'd like him to tell us who this American soldier was, if there was one.