Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parents, your kids desperately need you

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that it appears the lyrics fed to these children were taken (stolen) from the gospel song "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Only Jesus has been replaced by Barack Hussein Obama. Utterly disgusting. Compare the gospel song:
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Black and yellow, red and white
They're all precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world
Here's the Obama version. Being taught to your children and grandchildren.
He said red, yellow, black or white. All are equal in his sight. Barack Hussein Obama.
They need you to protect them from blatant idol worship. Don't take for granted that your school isn't using this mind control. Call your schools. Find out if what's happening in this video is happening at your child's school. Tell them you don't want your child learning how to worship idols. Protect your children.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ted Kennedy bullies from the Grave

They call it a wish. I call it just another bully tactic in a very long list. Kennedy wrote a letter asking Massachusetts leaders to change their law to favor him and the Democrats. Kennedy shenanigans right up until his last breath.
BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers fulfilled Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's dying wish Wednesday, granting the governor the power to appoint an interim replacement for him so President Barack Obama can regain a critical 60th U.S. Senate vote he needs to pass a health care overhaul this year.
It wasn't long ago that the Democrats did the opposite. Remember in 2004 when Democrats blocked Romney's appointment power? Democrats replaced the appointment process with the special election to keep Romney from being able to send a fellow Republican to the Senate.

Democrat, thy name is hypocrite. Or worse.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What happens when Obama doesn't stack the house at rallies?

UPDATE: Indeed it is Obama thanking himself. A union member contacted me to let me know that the "THANK YOU" signs that Obama has handed out at his health care rallies are for the purpose of thanking him for supporting the unions. Obama thanking Obama. If you won't do it, he'll do it himself.

Watch this video and find out. Is this the truer picture of how many average Americans actually support ObamaCare? Notice that Obama's civilian army is passing out "Thank You" signs. Is Obama thanking himself? Must have got the idea when he was looking in the mirror.
Obama is pitting American against American. Using his own personal civilian army. Talk about tyranny.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama preaches to half empty Arena

While tens of thousands of Americans marched in Washington, D.C. against Obamacare and out of control spending, Obama fled to Minnesota to pitch his health care "plan" to a half empty Target Center.
Now is the time for action. Now is the time to deliver on healthcare," Obama told a cheering crowd of more than 10,000 people at the Target Center sports arena in Minneapolis.
The Target Center holds over 20,000. What happened? Didn't the minions get the email message to march to Minnesota? Or are Americans getting the message loud and clear and deciding they don't want any part of ObamaCare or his other America defeating policies?

Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11 We Remember

Not as a national service day. But a national day of honor and remembrance.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Run, Mary Jo. Run

Labor Day. September 7, 2009. Columbus, Ohio.

A group calling themselves Facts Not Fear held a pro ObamaCare rally at Goodale Park, downtown Columbus. Their flyer didn't list any speakers, just a march from the park to OSU Medical Center. About 30 people showed up (funny how the crowd shrinks when the White House isn't stacking the deck or the Unions aren't involved). The two organizers gave short speeches followed by, to my surprise, Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH). She gave a short speech then worked the tiny crowd. A few attendees asked her questions. I tried to ask a few questions myself since just a few moments before in her speech, Kilroy stated that people should be able to have their questions asked and answered so they can get the truth about the health care bill. Have their questions asked and answered. Here's what she actually meant by that.

Personal characteristics means man or woman? They have to spell that out in a health care bill? Where in the House bill does it say specifically absolutely that illegal aliens will not be covered? And, of course, still no answers about where the increases in revenue will come from. I thought Mary Jo Kilroy wanted to get the truth out. To avoid distortion. Next time, you should stay, Mary Jo. Stay. And answer the questions in detail. Give us this truth you speak of.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Senator Sherrod Brown paints Constituents who oppose ObamaCare as Unpatriotic, Rude, Nasty, and Hints at Immoral

Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio. September 1, 2009

Bottom line for Ohioans. If you don't support ObamaCare, you're unpatriotic, rude, nasty, and perhaps immoral. And Sherrod Brown has no intention of representing you. To a crowd of about 600 screaming supporters, mostly union members (AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA, etc.), Sherrod Brown mocked constituents who oppose ObamaCare and told the ObamaCare supporters "you are the real patriotic American with family values." Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (who hosted the event), Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and AFL-CIO union boss Joe Ricotta echoed many of the same sentiments throughout the evening. ObamaCare supporters were praised. Opposing constituents villified. Teddy tributes ad nauseum. Yet not one speaker addressed how Obamacare would be paid for. Not one speaker declared that they would enroll in the public option. Not one speaker outlined any particulars of the health care proposal. All hype. No substance.

Sherrod Brown was particularly proud that he wrote up the language in the health care bill to establish the public option. Why then won't he let us know what's in it? Throughout his speech, Brown portrayed his constituents who oppose ObamaCare as unpatriotic, nasty and rude. And I think he was channeling Ted Kennedy.

After two hours of listening to all hype and no substance, I tried to get a real answer on how this gigantic health care bill would be funded. Mayor Coleman answered with a flippant gesture and darlin'. Did he really just call me darlin'? Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) stumbled around stating it's a pay as you go bill. That sounds scary. Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher says it's going to be paid for with wellness initiatives. And by putting a fence at the top of the cliff instead of an ambulance below. Whatever that means. In other words, no one has any idea how they are going to pay for this.

This event was well organized. Astroturfed you might say. Each person had to sign in to enter the building. Each person was handed a professionally made sign. Requisite amounts of Obama adoration were on display. Jeremy Bird, Organizing For America spokesperson, claimed that there are 1.5 million Obamabots working on his behalf. Why is the President of the United States running his own personal civilian army out of the White House?

That's a question for another day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Czars? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

If HR3200, the House of Representatives health care bill, were passed, the Czars of all Czars will be in power. And Obama will control it all. On pages 30 to 35 and continuing on page 42 of the bill, Obama is given power to appoint 18 of 27 possible members of the new Health Benefits Advisory Committee. Of the remaining nine of 27, Obama would appoint the person who appoints those nine. So, in effect, Obama is granted power to appoint everyone. Have you taken a look at some of Obama's current appointees? Van Jones, an admitted Communist and Black Nationalist, for example?

Twenty-seven Obama political appointee Czars deciding your medical care or denial of it. America, you cannot allow that kind of power to be put in the hands of a president. Any president. Ever.