Sunday, August 30, 2009

The People Speak

Monday, August 24, 2009. Mansfield, Ohio

About 400 people gathered at Mansfield Senior High School to talk about health care and cap and trade. Sherrod Brown, who was conveniently traveling instead of meeting with constituents during this crucial time, sent a rep. A rep that couldn't provide many answers. Probably 95% of those gathered were against ObamaCare and had many poignant questions and comments. Brown should have been there to listen himself. He was in Afghanistan. Some nerve, Brown. Visiting our Military who fight to defend our Constitution while he is actively working to destroy it.

Young and old alike attended this town hall minus Sherrod Brown. Here are two. Big difference in age. No difference in concern for and love of country.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yes Wee Can!

According to Obama, you are bunch of sorry bedwetters! I'd like him to try saying that to the face of a Marine. Or to the face of a mother who lost her son in Iraq. The United States of America has been embarrassed by an incompetent arrogant fraud. Again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Leader:

Pic at CNSNews

Saturday, August 15, 2009

SEIU stacks the house and Locks out Opposing Voices at Howard Dean Town Hall

SEIU Headquarters. Columbus, Ohio. Saturday, August 15, 2009.

From "...Open to the Public" to lockout. Following the Obama Administration playbook, SEIU (Service Employees International Union and huge Obama supporter) stacked the house at the Howard Dean health care town hall at their headquarters on Saturday. About 400 people, mostly union Obama supporters who got a personal invitation from the SEIU, showed up. They had tickets. Or were on "the list." Others didnt' know anything about needing a ticket. They were told an overflow room would be available. At 4:00, ticket holders and people on "the list" were seated. A crowd of about 60 or so people, clearly opposition, stood peacefully waiting to get into the overflow room. What happened next, however, was nothing short of despicable. After waiting patiently for about an hour in 90 degree heat, and after watching ticket holders and listers being repeatedly ushered in, the small anti ObamaCare overflow crowd was told that both rooms were full. Turns out, however, that there were many empty seats. After the event, Catriona Dempster, SEIU member, told me this
I kept waiting on the room to fill up. I was so disappointed when there was only about 50 people in a room that holds about 3 times as many.
So, folks, the room was actually 2/3rds empty, maybe 100 empty seats. They could have easily seated everyone. Watch as this SEIU rep tells the people that both rooms are at capacity. Even apologized that there were no seats. Watch this rep look them in the eye and tell them both rooms are full. Then insult them by locking the doors!

"I can't let anybody else in. Both rooms are full." "I have to tell you that we're at capacity at this point." "We're sorry to turn you away." Have some water.

Her concern and sincerity were all a big lie. Remind you of anyone?

Another insider told me the indoor crowd was 90% in support of ObamaCare. Stacked house. Oh, and I walked around the building. There was indeed another door. The area around it roped off with yellow caution tape. With two "guards" who told me it was the back entrance to the SEIU meeting rooms.

Update: Crowd estimate was more like 300 (probably less) when you consider the place was actually not at capacity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Follows White House Orders. Stacks the House.

Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State campus. Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

Senator Sherrod Brown's plan was well organized. Last minute announcements. Play word games. Stack the house so it looks like more support for you than them. Brown learned well from the Obama Administration.

What Brown held was not, according to his staffers, a town hall meeting, but instead a health care "roundtable." Apparently that makes a difference. Apparently so that his office staff could lie, without really lying, to constituents who called to ask if he would be holding any town hall meetings. No, they said. No town hall meetings. They didn't feel obligated to mention the "roundtable."

Brown cleverly kept the roundtable under wraps until the last minute. At the 11th hour, Brown did an email blast to his supporters. Apparently, Obama email blasted his personal army, Organizing for America.

Stack the house. Make it look as though a majority of Brown's constituents support him and ObamaCare.

Ohioan after Ohioan relayed how they were told by Brown's staffers that there weren't any town halls. Nor was any "roundtable" mentioned.

I tried to find out for Ohioans when Brown's next town hall would be. Here's the response from his aide, Ed Roberts.

The Snitch House, er White House summoned Obama's personal army Organizing for America to the event. They obeyed. Petitions in hand. These young people, bless their souls, sound like they've been indoctrinated with much foolishness. One actually said she'd be willing to pay the Government 50% in taxes. Of course, she's never paid that much, but just knows she'd be happy to do it.

The event room held 190 people according to OSU workers. I, along with over 100 others, were shut out of the live event. Yes, I asked one of Brown's aides why Senator Brown booked such a small room. Refused to answer. We were sent across the street to watch on a big screen. Problem is. There was no video. Just a blue screen. Then when they finally got video, there was no audio. At that point, most of the people left in frustration. They finally did get barely audible audio. That was it for me. I left. Sherrod Brown can't run a roundtable, yet he wants to run our health care. Unbelievable.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Snitches in da Hiz House

It's no longer the White House. It's the Snitch House. Obama has commissioned his minions to snitch on Americans who disagree with his health care plan. I think the word the Obama Administration used is "fishy." Citizens are to report to Obama any "fishy" emails or "fishy" conversations opposing his health care fiasco. Oops. Was that comment fishy? Am I going to be reported to King Barack? It doesn't stop there. Conservatives, senior citizens (our greatest resource), Independents, and many Democrats who are voicing their opposition to Obama's socialist policies and power grab are being scandalized by Obama and the Mainstream Media. Being scandalized for raising their voices. How come it's okay for Obama to mandate his minions "argue" and "get in people's faces" and to send memos from the White House calling up his personal army? Why is it okay for his Administration to put out veiled threats like this one from Messina
“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting.
Listen as Obama goes far beyond "talk" to your neighbors. Do you think he's changed now?

Remember this screaming?

The Democrat mantra seems to be "It's okay for me, but not for thee." Except that it's become more serious. There's a president in the White House who sics Americans on other Americans. Chicago thug politics. Now in the White House. That's the real scandal.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

NBC Lies about Tea Party Numbers

Saturday, August 1, 2009. Columbus, Ohio. The 11:00 news on NBC aired a report that stated there were only "several hundred" Tea Party protesters at the Statehouse. Lie. Lie. Lie. There were over 5,000 protesters and I have the pics and video to prove it.

Here's the video that debunks NBC's claim that only "several hundred" were in attendance.

NBC's studios overlook the Statehouse lawn where the protest was held and there is no excuse for this dishonest reporting. Except bias. Thousands of Patriots showed up from all over Ohio to tell the government once again that they...well, stroll through the throngs of protesters with me and let them tell their own story through pictures and posters.